Which Property Management Companies Manage the Most Financially Efficient Condo Buildings in Toronto

Which Property Management Companies manage the most financially efficient condo buildings of the most expensive market segment in Toronto

Exceptionally High Market Value Condo Segment

Hiring a right property management company and or a property manager is the most important task of condo owners. A right property management company or a right property manager could help condo owners to increase the value of their priceless assets.

  • How to make a selection of a right property management company for your condo building?

  • Where to find the information about a property management company’s results?

  • How to compare property management companies?

It is difficult to compare property management companies’ results even comparing condo buildings conditions they are currently manage. There are a lot of internal and external factors that influence condo financial efficiency such as historical condo management practice, market tendencies, government regulation and owners’ culture. It is not possible to take into account all of them without deep research.

CondoBI team made some analyses offered a combination of such indicators as annual condo fees, market value and their interrelation that might facilitate condo owners’ selection process on property management company.

Market Value per square foot/ Annual Condo Fees per square foot

Graph #1 shows the Property Management Companies’ list based on condominiums’ Market Value to Annual Condo Fees ranking

To find out all the details check: 

Property Management Efficiency of Condo Exceptionally High Market Value Segment

To compare condo fees of buildings with similar sets of amenities and find the most efficient Property Management Companies check:

Condo Company Management Rank and Selector page

As the name suggests, the Condo Management Company Selector is a Condo owners' tool specifically designed for those interested to understand how much similar Condo buildings pay to maintain a particular set of amenities at the desirable level and which Companies manage those buildings.


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