The Best and the Worst Condo Fees Change Tendencies During COVID time (2019 – 2021 years)

Condo Fees Best and Worst practice during COVID time

As we already mentioned, past 2 years period has became a big challenge almost for everybody and especially for condo owners. Based on “Condo Business Intelligence” 2019 –  2021 years statistics, almost 43 % condominiums increased condo fees by 0,2 % –  10 %~ 19 % of condominiums increased condo fees by 10 % – 20 % and ~ 3 % of condominiums increased condo fees by more than 30 %.

At the same time, some of the condo management teams demonstrated a high art of condo management. 24 % of condominiums did not change condo fees

and ~ 6 % of condominiums (108 buildings) even decreased condo fees! 

A short summary:

Worst Case
Best Case

Some of Condo Management Companies manage the buildings that might be benchmarks to follow:

Condo Management Best Practice Cases

Condo Directors Choice

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