The Condo Game and How to Play it

The Games of Condo Fees

Foggy Mystic or well defined rules?

As we have already mentioned for multiple times it is a big question, why condo fees in Toronto are much higher than in Quebec and other provinces

Average monthly condominiums’ fees by province

and structural type of dwelling, 2011 year :

Condo fees of Greater Toronto Area are ~ 3 times more than in Greater Montreal Area

Condo BI Canada started a serial of visual stories because want to understand:

  1. Relationships between condo fee, quality and quantity of services and market value are not clear. As we discovered before, there is  a tendency of condo fee increases as condo market vale increases. But every time when we had an intention to discover condominiums’ cost drivers that influence condo fee significantly, we came to contradictory results.
  2. How a conflict of interest between an owner who pays the money and a company that manage the money influences condo fee.
  3. How to manage condo owners’ financial risks and how to measure condominium financial success.
  4. How to select a right property management company that make a difference in your condominium
  5. Main relations, trends that could allow to build predictive analytics for condo owners, directors and management companies for financial decision-making. 


What might be measured might be managed!


The next Episode 2. Do you know who are the major builders of Toronto & GTA’s condos?

Stay tuned!

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