Why it is Important to Join the Community of “Best Condo Management Practices”

Condo Management Best Practice Exhibition

It’s a proven fact that potential buyers have shown resistance when companies offer their product or services as they need to be looking for something else before understanding which supplier or service provider should be selected. 

But it is very important to be in front of condo directors, in a short-list when they have seen the best condo management companies and

ready to make a choice!


A pre-sale process is expensive and time consuming, sometimes even frustrating

As the first step, your property management company needs:

  • to understand which condominium is looking for a management company / or is going to replace a management company,
  • to find right, condo directors that motivated and open for proposals and especially, for your proposal,
  • to find contact information of condo directors,

And, condo directors need your company’s portfolio. They’re looking for people who are efficient and effective! So, it is important to create a a portfolio and a proposal that could show condo directors

why they need to select your company!

As the second step, your company needs to wait while condo directors will look for other companies proposals, results and compare those proposals. It might take so long time and in some cases it is a fruitless endeavor because, often occurs there has been little market research conducted before a process of selection begins which leaves room for bias on behalf of those who are conducting searches. They might even prefer to stay with a current company because of some new promises about improvements, condo managers’ rotation etc. 

Why it is important your company’s portfolio and references to be shown

when condo directors search for it online

When condo directors are not happy with a current condo management result, they feel sharp urge to change the situation finding somebody who can help. A motivated condo director usually search market online and the main goal is to find professionals that already proved their efficiency. There is almost no any information about it online. This big deficiency of comparable financial and non-financial information about property management companies’ results suspends a process of a proper connection between condo directors and management companies and dramatically decrease chances of efficient company to be hired by the Board. That is why it is extremely important to make your property management company’s portfolio including proved financial and non-financial results and progress reached to be shown when condo directors are looking for that. 

It was a reason Condo BI created an online exhibition and started to collect applications of condo management companies that want to 

showcase and promote their best financial and non-financial achievements

in condominiums and photos showing the building, its amenities, and a successful project (if applicable)

be ready to get in touch by condo directors that urged by their needs to get help in their condominiums!

And if you are able to proof your efficiency publicly you will elevate your business to a new level!

Condo directors will run for you with contracts!

Condo Business Intelligence created Condo Management Best Practices Exhibition 

to help Condo Directors and Owners in their choice of a list of the Best Condo Management Professionals that are able to make a difference in their condominiums!

Condo Directors need to vote for 5 condos to get a list of condo management companies that matches their needs and Condo Management companies should showcase their Best Practice (financial/or non-financial results) to be recommended to condominiums based on their needs!

Get in touch with the best condo management

Check their best managed condos

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Condo Management Best Practice

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