About us


The idea to create Condo Business Intelligence was based on various Condo life experiences.

We were having a lot of questions about Condo Maintenance Fee and its 4-8 % growth every year comparing 1.5-2.5 % inflation. 
Furthermore, we had a Unit water leaking problem that offered to be repaired during 4 days by a Condo Servicing Contractor for $5000 and has been done by owner just for $50 during an hour. 
And  accidentally arisen Condo projects like garage waterproofing that has been assessed in $1,000,000 by one contractor, approved by the Board and the other Contractor’s Quotes which were about $135,000 have been forfeited…
And also, the experience as a Board Director helped us to understand the following: 

Our www.condo-benchmarking.ca website is going to allow Condo owners to check and compare Condo service prices, implement the best practice and making information transparent and comparable. 

Our www.condo-social.ca website is going to resolve Owners and Directors Communication problems.

Our www.condo-fairtender.ca website is going to resolve that problem showing providing an open the access for Condo Directors, Owners and Property Managers to a wide range of Condo Service Providers and encourage a competition between Condo Service providers by prices and quality of services.

Natalia Goryacheva Founder President CondoBI Canada


Founder and President

US Designated CMA (IMA) and CSOXE(Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Professionals Association). Experienced leading:
- Profitability improvements
- Strategic Reasoning and Balance Scorecard development
- Financial planning and analysis (FP&A)
- Controlling
- Reporting conversion from local standards to IFRS or US GAAP
- Process Analyses, Cost management methodologies development
- Internal Controls and SOX compliance testing/Risk Management Policy development
- Financial Modelling and Recommendations for Business Improvements

Thierrry Pires Vice President CondoBI Canada

Thierry PIRES


20 years experience and digital expertise, as Head of E-Commerce & Digital Marketing, in helping creating strong value proposition for customers, performing at multiple levels (top and bottom lines), in France and at international levels.

I surfed, serving B2B and B2C business, both in a large group like Compaq, HP, Afflelou and in a start-up such as Snapfish France or my own Digital BizDev.

Graduated as Valedictorian with a MBA in e-Marketing and e-Commerce from Leonard de Vinci Institute (Paris), I'm passionate by Mobile Marketing where I wrote a first book (Editions ENI) published on September 2013, then a second book M-Commerce (Editions DUNOD) in Oct 2016.

Living in a Condo is mainstream in Canada but life experience is challenging with Condo Services and Condo living problems. I really believe that what we are doing will change the market for more transparency and competitiveness.
It will improve people's Condo life experience dramatically!