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The idea to create Condo Business Intelligence was based on various Condo life experiences.

We were having a lot of questions about Condo Maintenance Fee and its 4-8 % growth every year comparing 1.5-2.5 % inflation. 
Furthermore, we had a Unit water leaking problem that offered to be repaired during 4 days by a Condo Servicing Contractor for $5000 and has been done by owner just for $50 during an hour. 
And  accidentally arisen Condo projects like garage waterproofing that has been assessed in $1,000,000 by one contractor, approved by the Board and the other Contractor’s Quotes which were about $135,000 have been forfeited…
And also, the experience as a Board Director helped us to understand the following: 

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Our www.condo-benchmarking.ca website allows Condo owners to compare Condo fees of different and similar condominiums and invite the most efficient condo management companies with proved results to implement their best practices

Our www.condo-social.ca website is going to resolve Owners and Directors Communication problems, and improve Condo Life Experience

Our www.condo-fairtender.ca website is going to provide an equal access to condominiums contracts and projects for all qualified Condo Service Providers and encourages a competition between Condo Service providers by prices and quality of services.

Natalia Goryacheva, CEO Condo Business Intelligence Canada

Natalia Goryacheva

Founder and President

CMA (USA) and CSOXE (Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Professionals Association) with 20 years of Internal Audit, CFO, CEO and Management Consulting Practice.

I helped Private and Public Companies with Profitability Improvements, Fraud Prevention&Investigation, Risk Management Policy development, Cost Management and Recommendations for Business Improvements.

CondoBI Web Platforms Provide Equal Market Access for all qualified condo service providers to transform condo services market into pure competitive one. As the result, Condo Owners are going to get the best quality of services for the best prices. Service providers will get equal opportunities to elevate their revenues. We believe that this virtual community is a Huge Power to Change Condo Owners Lives to Better!

Ihor Trokhimchuk

Chief Innovative Technology Officer

Co-creator of Condo-Social.ca platform, Founder of AFIVE Digital Agency. Experienced High Qualified Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

I helped people to realize ideas into innovative software and successful and popular web platforms. We believe a Powerful Condo Community will Help Condo Owners in Condominiums to communicate effectively inside of the building and between the buildings to Improve their condos Costs Efficiency to Make Condo Life More Comfortable and Enjoyable.

Communication, communication, communication is the most effective way to live peacefully and comfortably.

We trust our Great Virtual Community will empower Condo Owners to Change Condo living to Better!

Condo BI Canada team

A great Team

of High Qualified Professionals
web developers, SEO professionals, software engineers


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