Top 5 condo management companies that maintain the most expensive buildings of Casa Loma for less

Top 5 Property Management Companies of Casa Loma Neighbourhood area condos

The best combination of condo market value and condo fees. Casa Loma. Toronto

As we mentioned in Top 10 Property management companies of Yorkville condos there are a few of the most significant factors that influence a condo market demand and a condo market value:

  1. Location

  2. Set of amenities

  3. Original property quality and quality of a condo maintenance

  4. Recurring expenses (condo fees)

and as we discussed earlier there are a lot of opinions on “how much condominiums should spend as maintenance fees” in Toronto to provide a condo building at the proper level of condo condition. Some experts justify high condo fees but some condo boards directors and property management companies proved that it is possible to maintain the most high-valued condo buildings for less providing more efficient financial and operational management.  

Condo Business Intelligence team analyzed condo performance based on Value / Cost indicator:

Av Market Value

based on the current year sales, $ per square foot/

                                                          Condo Fees,

                                                                                   $ per square foot per year

that indicator might help to compare the performance of condominiums located in the same area of Toronto –  Casa Loma.

For more information check Condo Management Interactive Ranking Page:

Condo Management Selector page

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