How to make an Informed Decision Buying a Condo With High Rental Income

Compare Condo Buildings' Rental Income

Compare condo buildings before buying

by rental income (Cap Rate), market price growth, maintenance fees,

days on market to sell the unit

To a new real estate investor, it may seem like only luck would find you an income property with high rental incomebecause there are plenty of attractive condo buildings on the market at prime locations that might bring you low or negative rental income.

   Yes, experience in real estate is helpful but the main factors that give you a reasonable assurance that your investment decision is successful are based on numbers and analysis. Real estate analysis is something anyone can learn to do quickly, and you can get better results with time. You can find a great highly profitable condo whether it is your 1st or 10th rental property because it does not require experience if you have reliable data for decision making. 

What Is the Traditional Approach To Finding Properties With High Rental Income 

  • Start an investment property search (browse listings, look at photos, take note of the properties you like)
  • Estimate rental revenue (find market data on past rental prices in that building or neighbourhood to estimate revenue and occupancy rate, find numbers reflecting historical market value growth)
  • Conduct rental property analysis: calculate Capitalization Rate (Net Rental Income, % of investment), Market Value Growth, Return on Investment, etc.

But take into account that there are a great deal of factors that influence Capitalization Rate (Net Rental Income, as % of Investment), and, as we have revealed, the main one being maintenance fee that can differ dramatically from building to building. Gathering data, doing complicated calculations and comparisons, and conducting rental property analysis might overwhelm you.

What “Condo Business Intelligence” Offers You In Order To Find Properties with High Rental Income, High Market Value Annual Growth And Potential To Be Sold Fast 

This process is made simple with the help of our Condo Rankings. With this tool you do not have to look and calculate any further. Condo Benchmarkingwebsite (Part of Condo BI Solution) provides you with major numbers you need to find rental properties that promise you high rental income.

How does it work?

We organized all the data into interactive ranking by cities, neighbourhoods, basing on Key Performance Indicators to help user choose the best neighbourhood and condo by indicator of user’s choice. Just 3 simple steps will help user select the right condo building and see what is listed:

Step 1:

Analyse average performance Indicators of each Neighbourhoods


  1. Select a City or a few Cities
  2. Select a neighbourhood or a few neighbourhoods
  3. Compare indicators
  4. Overview condo buildings and their KPIs locating mouse on a particular building on the map 
Condo investor's Insights

Step 2:

Click on a condo building and see how that condo KPIs comparing to others



Play with interactive ranking and select condo buildings to compare and make a selection

Compare Condos in a Selected Area

Step 3: 

Check if a Condo Building is match to all your Goals and Find what is on Sale in that Building


  1. if the sets of amenities of those condo buildings are satisfied to your requirements,
  2. click on the condo picture and check if there are some condos on sale,
  3. or continue your search based on your selected criteria such as set of amenities, CapRate, Annual Average Market Value Growth, Age, Maintenance Fees etc.

That interactive tool allows to rank condo buildings based on:

  1. Average Annual Rental Revenue per 500 SF,
  2. Maintenance Fees as % of Annual Rental Revenue,
  3. Average Annual ROI
  4. Annual Capitalization Rate (Net Rental Income, % of Investment)
  5. Average Annual Market Value Growth, % year

Also, you can rank condo list by builder’s name, neighbourhood and year of registration.

Make Informed Decisions on Condo Investment

Use our Interactive Condo Ranking to compare Condo buildings based on:

  • CapRate (Net Rental Income, %), 

  • Property Market Value Growth (%/year), 

  • Days on Market,

  • Condo Maintenance Fees

Start Using our Condo Ranks to Find the Best Condo for Your Rental Investment!

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