Top 10 Condo Management Companies that Spend Less Condo Owners’ Money to Maintain the Most Expensive Condos of Toronto

Top 10 condo management companies of the most expensive toronto condos

The list of condo management companies that spend condo owners’ money efficiently maintaining some of the most expensive luxurious condo buildings in Toronto for less

using Just condos that have “Very High Price – $1300 psf – $1,500 psf” and Exceptionally High Price – $1,500 and higher psf” have been analyzed for this rank using condo management selector of  

15 condo buildings with the lowest condo fees per square feet have been selected. 10 condo management companies that manage those condo buildings have been revealed.

That list of property management companies might be interesting to condo boards to Request Quotes from those companies.

And the listed Companies will have opportunities to implement their best practice in other condominiums!

3 pairs of graphs below show the short list of the condo buildings and condo management companies based on:

  1. Condo Fees, $per SF
  2. Average Market Value, $ per SF
  3. VCI – Value to Cost Indicator (Av Market Value, $ psf/Annual Condo Fees, $ psf

The last graph shows top 10 condo management companies rank

based on condo fees, $/psf

is to reveal examples of the best Condo Management Practice and to connect

Condo Directors and the Best Condo Managers!


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