Dear Condo Owners!

We hope you stay safe, but we suppose you are trying to decrease your cost of living and improve a quality of Condo living, during such a difficult ”COVID19” time. 

CondoBI team wants to let you know about Condo Business Intelligence Solution that has been launched to help Condo Owners:

1. To reveal other Toronto Condo buildings maintenance fees with similar / and with different sets of amenities

to understand if it is possible to improve your  Condo maintenance fees efficiency

2. To find a Property Manger company that might provide a high level of maintenance fee for less money

3. To find a Contractor for your Condo building services and for your unit

4. To share your Condo problem with your Condo neighbours and other buildings’ Condo owners

getting free qualified advice from the site moderators

The Solution consist of:



Best Condo Services and Management Practice Comparison of condo maintenance fees, rental investment’s KPIs


Tendering platform

Join us in that powerful Condo community to make Condo life better and more affordable!!!